The Families

The three families are at different stages of the condition and they each offer their own unique perspectives.

Click to view video excerpt of Michael

Michael is the father of four children aged 17 to 25, all of whom live at home.  Working as a criminal barrister, Michael was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 49. Three years on and still in the early stages of his condition, Michael retains insight and articulately shares his thoughts and feelings from within the disease. Although adamant he will fight on with a positive attitude and a sense of humour, Michael struggles with the loss of his professional identity and the shifting relationship dynamics within the family home. As his condition deteriorates, Michael and his family bravely strive to maintain as normal a family life as possible and to live each day as it comes.  View video

Click to view video excerpt of Myrle & Ken

Myrle is an elderly carer who is committed to looking after her husband of 60 years until his dying day. Well into the mid stages of his Vascular dementia, Ken requires constant care and supervision. A fiercely independent woman, Myrle knocks back all offers of help, she sees it as her duty and is determined to carry out the caring responsibility alone.  As Ken’s condition deteriorates, Myrle is faced with the fact that she is losing the love of her life. The burden of care continues to build and Myrle’s health is significantly threatened. Forced to relinquish control over Ken’s care Myrle must find a new way to stay with her man. View video

Tom is a 72 year old carer desperately struggling to look after his wife Brenda who is in the latter stages of her Alzheimer’s disease. No longer able to care for Brenda at home, Tom very reluctantly opts for dementia specific residential care. Racked with guilt and loneliness, Tom struggles to cope with his new life separated from his wife. As Brenda’s memory and speech continue to diminish and she slowly withdraws from the world they shared, Tom refuses to let her go. He finds a new way to remain connected with his soul mate, the woman who loves him yet no longer remembers his name. View video