Jane, Chris and Michael at Chris's graduation Our brain makes us who we are, it gives us our memories, our ability to think, to understand the world around us and it gives us our sense of self. All this is slowly stripped away for a person living with dementia. THE LONG GOODBYE follows the journeys of three families living with dementia as they struggle to maintain the identity and dignity of those they love. Filmed over a 3 year period, the documentary celebrates the capacity of the human spirit to search for meaning and hope when the end is known and inescapable.

Ken and Myrle

Written and Directed by Kaye Harrison
Producer Gina Twyble
Camera Kaye Harrison
Editor Karen Johnson
Composer Caitlin Yeo

Duration 55 min

Produced by Luminous Films in association with Screen Australia, Screen NSW and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Tom and Brenda

© 2010 Screen Australia, Screen NSW, Luminous Films and Kaye Harrison

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